Why analytics are important for builders — and what you should be tracking

why analytics are important for builders

Analysing data can be time-consuming, but it’s pivotal to your success across customer experience, profitable product management and staff performance. Let’s look at why it’s so important — and how to get it right.

Often, the emphasis is on getting tasks done — like selections being finalised, upgrades confirmed, surveys sent out or email updates delivered to clients — rather than reporting and analysis. However, without examining the data it’s nearly impossible to improve your performance.

In this article, we’ll walk through how Intelligence Analytics can make your reporting life easier, so you’ll have more time to focus on delivering improvements.

5 essential qualities for builder data reports

  1. Ease of use. Data should be easy to find and understand with well-organised reports.
  2. Detailed. Comprehensive data should be included in crucial metrics so stakeholders can see a clear picture of performance.
  3. Automatic. Reports should be generated via automatic data collation to avoid wading through irrelevant information. It’s also helpful for communicating clearly with stakeholders without needing them to sort through the data collected themselves.
  4. Integrated. Reports should be automatically connected to where clients are interacting with your business and making selections.
  5. Recommendations. Where appropriate, your reporting should include actionable tips to improve your metrics. 
Reporting on selections data with constructive intelligence analytics has a huge impact on the business and assists our product management space immensely. Quote from Steph Crossman Product Release Manager of ABN Group Victoria

Begin by benchmarking

If you’re looking to improve your operations, you need initial data available to mine for insights and action points. Intelligence Analytics, Constructive’s powerful, yet easy-to-use data analysis Power BI application, will get you started.

Intelligence Analytics is connected to Customer Portal and Online Selections, so you can easily drill down to detailed data across various areas of interest and across multiple brands — all in a digestible format.

Constructive Intelligence Analytics

Once you get access, you’ll be able to report on the number of jobs, date ranges, regions, selections, staff members – and more – and start turning these insights into successful business improvements.

Data-driven benefits

Your Constructive data has huge potential to drive informed decisions within your business, leading to more efficiencies and revealing the areas where you can improve your customer service.

Be informed earlier

See discontinued products prior to purchase orders raised and cross-analyse these against the individual progress per job.

For example, Intelligence Analytics can instantly show you jobs not at lock up stage that contain a discontinued door.

Stay on top of trends and monitor new product launches as your clients make their selections. You can save hours of trawling through data by using an analytics tool specifically designed for residential home builders.

Negotiate with suppliers

Know the volume of product and trends within a category before your supplier does. Arm yourself with data to negotiate better pricing.

Constructive Intelligence Analytics — Top Item Choices

Design with data for success 

Demonstrate to clients that you understand what they want. Update specifications and create packages informed by the most popular selections. Base display home designs on real-world data. Confidently cull products from your line-up which are rarely, or never, chosen.

Get a clear picture of what your clients are selecting

Analyse the selections being added or removed between selections appointment completion and selections finalised.

Instantly answer questions such as:

  • Which selection upgrades are generating the most revenue?
  • How many clients are selecting 900mm vs 600mm ovens?
  • Which items have not been selected in the last year?
  • Which Selections Consultant has the highest upgrade rate?
Constructive Intelligence Analytics — Top Choice Groups and Top Selection Groups by Upgrade %

Measure client experience 

Discover when, and how often, clients access their Portal and review how consistently you communicate with them about milestones and updates. You can also examine how clients engage over their entire build journey.

From here, we recommend you review how you keep clients informed about their home build and create a streamlined process to automate consistent communications to keep them happy.

Excel at Online Engagement

Track and improve customer-centric engagement KPIs while anonymously benchmarking your position next to other builders using Constructive. Measuring and addressing individual metrics is easy with in-built, actionable tips to improve your ranking.

Translate your customer-centric vision into an actionable strategy. Anonymously map your competitive position next to other builders.​

constructive intelligence analytics online engagement KPIs Leaderboard
Constructive Intelligence Analytics — Online Engagement KPIs Leaderboard

“Online Engagement KPIs will show you exactly where you’re improving and excelling over time, plus there’s a helpful ‘tips’ column explaining how you can improve your ranking within each metric with links to best-practice, expert recommendations,” says Nigel Stacey, Constructive Software Data Engineer.

You’ll have the information you need to set a baseline to improve upon resulting in a reduction of the amount of time spent in the selections meeting and speeding up the pre-construction process.

NPS Analysis

Analyse surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS) responses over the entire construction lifecycle. See the overall percentage and count by brand of your Promoters, Passives and Detractors. You can even drill directly down into individual responses.

Constructive Intelligence Analytics — NPS Analysis Individual Responses

Assess staff performance

Discover the best-performing staff across various areas, such as:

  • Who generated the most upgrades revenue this year?
  • Which supervisor uploaded the most photos last month?
  • How long does it take on average to finalise selections for a client?
Constructive Intelligence Analytics — Photos Analysis

Review, improve, repeat

Review your previous results for context and a clear picture of your overall performance. 

“You should be undertaking a quarterly, statistical review at a senior management level,” advises James Salt, Constructive CEO.

After reviewing trends, discovering where issues may be stemming from and rewarding exceptional staff, set some goals and actions for the next period.

Analytics for builders

Most analytics providers do a great job of capturing traffic. But to get a detailed picture of selections data and client behaviour, you need a specialised application built especially for home builders using Constructive.

Developed by our Data Engineering team, Intelligence Analytics integrates with Customer Portal, Online Selections and 3D Selections to help builders automatically generate comprehensive, detailed reports with the data and insights at the ready to improve operations. 

With Intelligence Analytics data in your toolbox, you’re ready to refine your systems for efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Already using Constructive? Contact your Client Success Manager to schedule a demo, or for expert advice on what to do with your data.

Try Constructive.

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