Inside Constructive: Data Engineering, Programming and Application Support

Say hello to some of our talented technical team: Data Engineer, Nigel Stacey, Junior Programmer, Shane Monck and Application Support Analyst, Wei Chin.

Welcome to our Inside Constructive series! We talk with Constructive team members across our teams and offices to get to know the people inside the company and learn about their journey to working at Constructive.

Today we’re chatting with Nigel, Shane and Wei from our technical team.

What was your journey to working at Constructive and what attracted you to working here?

Nigel: I started in November, 2020. From my interview with James, our CEO, I was excited about the opportunity to work in a 100% Azure cloud environment. And James seemed like a really nice bloke!

Shane: I studied a double degree in Physics and Computer Science. It’s provided me with a lot of the skills I need in my role — every day for every task I do. In particular, my Physics background has helped immensely when I’m working on our 3D Model Visualisation project.

In December 2021, I was seeking my first developer job out of Uni. I wanted to be part of a team with cool technology that would also support me with guidance in joining the software development industry. Constructive turned out to be the perfect fit!

Wei: I have a data-automation background and a degree in Actuarial Science. Both experiences have equipped me with problem-solving skills. In fact, they’ve resulted in me really enjoying the process of solving various issues for clients and that’s pretty much what my current role is all about!

I was attracted to the role because there was support for growth and learning. I started working at Constructive in January, 2022 and I loved that it was a small, welcoming team, (and also the free-flow, barista-made coffee)!

What might be a typical day for you at Constructive?

Shane: A typical day for me starts by getting a coffee, opening up my favourite Integrated Development Environment and getting to work coding up the tasks I’ve been assigned. I’ll liaise with our Client Success Managers on the changes I’ve made to Constructive and take their feedback on changes to feature back into the code that will best serve our clients.

Sometimes, I’ll work on adjusting our clients’ 3D models, work on internal projects for our technical team or something completely new! Every day is different and I’m always given the opportunity to innovate and come up with new things, work with new technology and expand my knowledge.

Nigel: There’s a variety of things to work on. For example, I might be working on new data transformations and reports, or new Azure infrastructure solutions. It’s very enjoyable as I’m given freedom in how to design and implement the solution.

I’ll also usually be fielding requests and requirements gathering with internal team members which could come from our Client Success Managers, our management or our Sales and Marketing team. The whole team is great to work with and there’s a great sense of satisfaction in helping things run more efficiently.

I’m also involved in training and answering queries regarding reports and data for our clients, (builder staff members). It’s such interesting exposure to a world I was not familiar with, although I’m becoming more so every day!

Wei: No two days are the same while working in Constructive! Some days, there’ll be a lot of tickets from clients — which is my main responsibility, other days it can be quieter and I’ll work on assigned projects in between resolving issues.

Can you share a moment of your time at Constructive that you’re proud of?

Wei: Resolving tickets. The joy of achieving small, but important, things!

Nigel: Developing our data warehouse and reports and then seeing them become useful for builders and internal staff in their daily tasks is number 1!

Number 2 is getting a new Constructive App environment up and running in Azure using infrastructure as code. It was cool to propose it as a goal to our CEO, James, be given the okay and then be able to prove it possible in a reasonably quick time frame.

Shane: My favourite achievement would be having my first project featured into Constructive. It felt so rewarding having my code changes in our core application that thousands of people use every day.

In what ways do you feel a connection with teammates?

Shane: I’m always relaying with our Client Success Managers to make sure what I’m working on lines up with what they want. I check in regularly so I’m certain what I’m doing will not only make their lives easier but be best for our clients, too.

Wei: Client Success Managers act as a communication channel between our clients and us, the technical team. I’ve found them all to be patient and supportive as we collaborate to efficiently resolve issues for clients.

Nigel: Client Success Managers, Operations and Sales/Marketing are all internal customers of mine via reports and data. I rely on those same teams to gain domain knowledge and an understanding of internal processes. I also work with the Development team around product changes and more recently assisting in management of the Azure infrastructure.

Do you find your work hours flexible around your life and family at Constructive?

Nigel: Yes. Working some days from home is especially good with baby life. You never feel like you’re being micromanaged. There is trust you are putting in the time and a (good) feeling of being evaluated based on your output.

Shane: Yes, Constructive provides me with a lot of flexibility. It helps provide that balance of work and life. I’ll sometimes work from home if I’m needing a sleep-in and other times I head into the office to connect with the team in person.

Wei: I do! I’m energised to pursue my own hobbies and projects after work and the balance makes life feel meaningful.

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