WA Building Company unlocks company-wide efficiency and enhances customer experience with Constructive

WA Building Company

Multi-award winners, WA Building Company, understand the concerns and hurdles homebuyers face as they undergo the home-building journey. Delivering high standards and attention to detail while keeping clients across every step of the building process is an integral part of who they are and what they do. Constructive was the natural choice to complement their clear, honest communication style and to ensure their clients are 100% happy!

Taking Selections online

WA Building Company were seeking a digital solution to enhance their selections process. When they discovered Constructive, it had everything they needed to take things to the next level and give clients an innovative tool to choose their colours, fixtures, fittings, appliances and more — online.

WA Building Company Online Selections Portal
WA Buliding Company Constructive Online Selections Portal

“As a business, we have always done things the ‘old-fashioned’ way; however, COVID lockdowns made this virtually impossible,” explains Dannielle Mangan, Administration Manager at WA Building Company.

“After some research, we came across Constructive. We had a goal to have our Online Selections up and running as soon as possible.”

Clients are guided smoothly through the selections process, choosing colours, fixtures, finishes, appliances & more, making decisions on upgrades from the comfort of their own home. This reduces the time spent in the selections meeting as discussions and budget decisions have already been made.

Clients can easily identify selections still to be made, and are prompted with friendly, integrated reminders.

An easy process

Danielle was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the implementation ran.

“This turned out to be SUCH an easy process — thanks to our amazing Client Success Manager, Emma — that we also decided to implement the Customer Portal.”

“Again, this was so much easier than we had anticipated. The feedback has been extremely positive for both modules.”

Better service, reduced workload

Constructive has helped WA Building Company continue to deliver exceptional service to clients during a busy season by easing the load on key staff members.

“Constructive has been absolutely lifesaving for us during the current building boom. For our prestart consultants, client liaisons and supervisors, it’s reduced their workload immensely during a very stressful time,” says Dannielle.

“It’s made our lives so much easier. We’re able to provide better service to our clients, while behind the scenes we are actually doing less than we were before, with less staff than we had before.”

Constructive Customer Portal is ideal for builders who wish to give clients an educational window into the build process and deliver a next-level customer experience, without any extra work.

Communications about build progress and key milestone updates are never missed because they are emailed automatically, keeping clients up-to-date and preventing endless emails and calls.

WA Building Company clients can self-serve documents and educational information as well as photos from site and are sent automated surveys (with integrated reminders) ensuring the company is always aware of how clients are feeling at every step of their journey.

“Our clients are receiving better service than ever — they feel kept ‘in the loop’ during their builds,” says Danielle.

Interactive, 3D Selections

WA Building Company empowers their clients to design their exterior in stunning 3D, from any angle. Colour and material combinations can be explored with a simple click or tap, on any device, to instantly display a textured, interactive visualisation of their choices, giving them confidence and encouraging decisiveness to speed up the process.

WA Building Company 3D Selections
WA Building Company Constructive 3D Selections

Selections are automatically recorded into beautifully organised documentation, complete with full-colour images, in real-time.

“Our clients all LOVE Online Selections and 3D Selections. The overall feedback has been extremely positive,” notes Dannielle.

“Thank you, Constructive — you’re all amazing!”

Try Constructive.

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