One stop client Selections documentation with Online Selections

online selections documentation

What if you could let clients make their colour Selections from anywhere online and then automatically transfer their Selections data directly into Contractual, Selections and Construction professional documentation? The good news is, you can!

Fast, easy, accurate Selections documentation

Online Selections seamlessly records clients’ Selections as they’re making them within Constructive, so there’s no double-handing of information, reducing the time you spend preparing documents.

Generate different versions for different purposes

For a clear and efficient documentation process, it’s a great idea to generate multiple versions of your reports, customised for who is receiving them. For instance, you could generate Selections documentation — each formatted differently — for your client, sales, supervisors, and trades, and present only the information specifically relevant for each individual.

Beautiful, visual Selections reports

Constructive generates images of products and finishes shown within the online selection platform into an organised report, complete with your company branding. This can eliminate confusion or any nervousness from clients as their Selections are represented consistently with a visual confirmation of their choices.

Constructive has over 40,000+ selectable items (and growing) in the product library ready to go with photos and descriptions, but if there’s something missing for your company, we’ll add it in — free!

Eliminate human error

  • No spreadsheet formula errors, or accidental mistakes from manual calculations.
  • No surprises for clients — they can see exactly what they have selected.
  • Feel confident that everyone has the most up-to-date version of documentation, with access from anywhere.

Ready to level-up your Selections documentation process?

Get started with Constructive.

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