How Terrace Homes (BGC) elevates customer experience with Constructive

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“Our physical showroom becomes technology immersive with QR codes that go straight to the selected products.” — Natalie Lawrence, General Manager.

In the residential building industry, happy clients are everything. It’s why Terrace Homes (a part of BGC Housing Group) rely on Constructive to enhance customer experience throughout their clients’ home-building journeys.

Selections from the comfort of their own home

To continue delivering innovation, the company set out to transform the way clients made selections. “We’ve moved away from that situation where we have to type out all of the clients’ Selections. My belief is that we need to look for continuous improvement, and that does include technology,” says General Manager, Natalie Lawrence. “It is important for the clients to make their Selections from the comfort of their own home, and for us to be transparent about what they can actually select from.”

Choices clients make online now seamlessly transfer within Constructive directly into professional Selections documentation (complete with images), avoiding double-handling and transcription errors while eliminating any client confusion.

The client then gets the Addenda and they get to see the pictures on there of what they're actually signing.

Quote from Natalie Lawrence GM BGC

Technology immersive for a superior customer experience

“Going through the showroom with them, we use an iPad, so it’s very interactive. We can QR code the Selections in our showroom, it will show them the price of the item and they can make a decision whether they want to upgrade,” explains Natalie.

Total visibility = increased efficiency

Through the Customer Portal, clients have total visibility into what’s happening within their home build without the reliance of having to make contact constantly, saving time for the company and giving clients peace of mind.

“There’s a reduction in queries that are coming into our team,” says Natalie. “Instead of clients making contact with us to ask for contractual documents, copies of plans — we’re able to upload that automatically.”

Generating Selections data reports easily

A clear overview of data from Selections is now available to senior-level management with Intelligence.

“One of the great things from a General Manager point-of-view is Intelligence, to pull our reporting from,” says Natalie.

“It gives us visibility on Selections. Sometimes some products may become unavailable due to market conditions; we’re able to get onto that quickly with our clients. It enables me to make the decisions on our specifications, and the trends that are happening with our clients, as well.”

A tailored 3D experience

Terrace Homes empowers clients to see their external Selections in 3D, from any angle, on their individual home design. Colour and material combinations can be changed with a simple click or tap, providing a tailored visual understanding of their choices visible online from any device. These choices are then recorded into documentation.

“So for our Terrace Clients, it’s a real value-add that we’re able to promote they can see their very own home in a 3D Model and apply colours and selections to that. Rather than a static elevation that isn’t really relevant, that’s not the true feeling of a home,” says Natalie.

A more enjoyable, interactive experience between the prestart consultant and the client. 

Quote from BGC Housing group.

Pivoting to Online Prestarts

As a result of in-person challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was able to act quickly and immediately pivot to online Prestarts with Constructive, with the support and technology required already in place.

“We were able to act quickly and perform online Prestarts with our clients through the Portal, which was of great benefit for our clients — and for our business as we could keep production flowing,” explains Natalie.

Improve client experience with Constructive

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