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La Vida Homes strives to build an experience that leaves people saying, “My builder did this for me.” This means being transparent, communicating more, meeting clients on their terms and offering unique value-adds. To do this, technology is key — Constructive was the obvious choice.

Building remarkable

When Perth house and land packages builder La Vida Homes sought out a digital platform for builders, they evaluated each option against some of their values:

  • Socially conscious Championing real change by reducing their carbon footprint.
  • You made this happen A hyper-personalised, customisable approach that’s transparent.
  • Changemakers Digital-first, with online selections and 3D internals and externals available for clients 24/7.
  • Build remarkable A focus on an excellent customer experience.
When it came to building our portal we researched a multitude of local and international providers. None came close to Constructive and its innovative backend either in price or functionality. Its simply the best tech in market.

“When your business model is all about doing better —and extending that better-ness everywhere — only the best will do!” says La Vida Homes Marketing Manager, Maddie Smith.

Meet Trademark (TM for short)

TM is La Vida Homes’ personalised Constructive Customer Portal. Customised to each client’s individual build, it’s just one of the ways La Vida Homes delivers a transparent building experience.

“There’s so much content in there for them to explore: paperwork, photos, information on each building stage, an interactive 3D model of their home to name a few,” says Maddie.

“Or, if they’re pressed for time, there’s a dashboard and a quick-look progress tracker which will give them everything they need at a glance.”

la vida homes constructive portal dashboard
La Vida Homes Constructive Customer Portal dashboard

Bringing homes to life in three-dimensional glory — 24/7, 365

With 3D Selections, La Vida Homes clients enjoy a world first: an interactive, 3D model of their individual home interior and exterior. Colour and material combinations can be changed with a simple tap or click — with no rendering wait time — giving clients a tailored visual understanding of their choices.

“Colour swatches can only do so much. TM’s revolutionary, (literally!), 3D model of each client’s actual home, (not a generic, static render), means they can see how a chosen colour scheme will look on their home from every angle. All of our clients have this rolled out to their individual house models so they can design their kitchens, bathrooms and living areas,” says Maddie.

3D Selections is available online anytime and on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, and all selections are automatically recorded into Constructive into an organised addenda, complete with images.

Always in touch

“This is the way it usually goes: the builder will call you, email you, text you, sell to you until the deal closes. Then, once the contract’s signed, it’s like trying to get in touch with Beyoncé,” says Maddie.

“We’re the opposite. No hard sell, but all the access when our clients want it and all the updates they could ever want or need.”

To facilitate this, La Vida Homes has over 35 automated communications from their Constructive Portal, triggered in real-time as soon as something happens on site. This is on top of the communications from their Customer Experience team.

Pricing transparency

“The pricing of our standard inclusions and popular upgrades is visible and clearly displayed in Online Selections at all times. Customers can select their interior finishes and receive instant price estimates for those sudden, absolutely have-to-have upgrades.”

“This means our clients can auto-calculate the fixtures and finishes of their choosing and stick to a pre-determined budget. A must in this market,” explains Maddie.

Direct access to the team

“The names, emails and even phone numbers of each client’s key contacts — from their Customer Experience Specialist to their Site Supervisor, Building Manager and Construction Manager — are also featured, so they have direct access to the whole team and the people at the top.”

La Vida Homes portal screenshot
La Vida Homes Constructive Customer Portal — Key Contacts area

Safe, secure, and saving the trees

“A lot of paperwork is produced and collected over the course of a build. But, when you come into La Vida Homes, you won’t find a sales brochures, display home fliers or first appointment packs in sight! With Constructive’s Portal, we’re able to bypass all that, saving the trees and keeping our client’s documents safe,” explains Maddie.

“Better yet, all the contracts, plans, and house handover documents uploaded to the Portal are never deleted. So clients can find that warranty they need today or seven years from now. Or, when they’re ready to build again!”

6-star energy-efficient compliant homes as standard

La Vida Homes have found their clients are increasingly interested in exploring how they can reduce their carbon footprint and build a more sustainable future, one green decision at a time.

“It’s a time to rethink our impact on the world, at a personal, business, and industry level and champion change. Because our home isn’t just Perth, it’s Earth,” says Maddie.

“We offer 6-star energy-efficient compliant homes as standard and source the vast majority of our building materials (including bricks, timber, concrete, paving, and cabinetry) locally. Together these practices provide our homes with greater energy efficiency, reduced heating/cooling costs (25% less than 5* homes) and a minimised carbon footprint.”

Try and test thousands of e-selections

La Vida Homes clients can choose their new home’s fixtures, fittings, and finishes from the comfort of their current home within their TM Portal’s e-selections (Constructive Online Selections).

“Bricks, tiles, appliances — they’re all on the Portal and almost all come standard with any home. As for the ones that don’t, (hello, upgraded bath), the cost is clearly displayed and calculated in the cart so clients can stick to their pre-determined budget. Because, transparency,” explains Maddie.


Who wants to spend their free time traveling to and from display homes? With La Vida Homes’ Customer Portal, everything is accessible 24/7 from desktop, tablet or mobile.

“A weekday after 5pm? Saturday afternoon? Our clients don’t need to book a babysitter for a simple progress update or to explore their selections. They can stay home, log in, and boom: they’ve got everything they need,” says Maddie.

La Vida Homes quote

Display homes just got real

“There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in this industry that don’t belong here. A new home isn’t a set of steak knives. This is likely the biggest purchase of one’s life. So, instead of spending $100,000 over-spec’ing each display home, we do things differently,” says Maddie.

  • Upload each client’s actual home to the Portal so they can edit it in 3D
  • Offer all clients a premium base specification
  • Show real client homes ‘on display’

Different, better

When clients make the time to see La Vida Homes, Maddie says they make sure it’s an experience worth having by offering a suite of exclusive perks they won’t find anywhere else.

From their very own building Portal with internal, interactive renders to a one-on-one consultation with a world-renowned interior designer and a personalised prestart experience, everything’s designed to gift La Vida Homes clients the most remarkable thing of all: a truly fun building experience.

Get started with Constructive — request live Demo access.

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