Inside Constructive: Technical Analyst, Thenu Jayaraj

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Say hello to our Technical Analyst, Thenu Jayaraj. Thenu looks after our integrations to ensure everything runs seamlessly and smoothly between your back-end systems and Constructive.

Inside Constructive: We talk with Constructive team members across our teams and offices to get to know the people inside the company and learn about their journey to working at Constructive.

Today we’re chatting with Thenu, Technical Analyst on our Engineering team.

When did you start at Constructive and what attracted you to working here? 

In 2018, I joined Constructive with the intention of finding a flexible work arrangement that would allow me to have ample time with my child. Additionally, I was thrilled to have the chance to work alongside James and Dmitrii again, whom I had worked with at Click Home in the past!

Thenu Jayaraj

How has your previous education and work experience helped you in your role?

I have a Masters in Software Engineering and an extensive background working with project home builders and other services companies, customising CRM applications and other various technologies. These experiences have greatly contributed to my abilities and knowledge in my current position as Technical Analyst.

I also find the ongoing learning opportunities provided by everyone at Constructive, in various departments, have also played a significant role in my professional growth.

What might be a typical day for you at Constructive?

On a typical day, I could be configuring integrations, translating integration requirements communicated by our Client Success Managers and implementing those requirements. I also work on maintaining the integrations and continuously improving and enhancing our integration processes so everything works smoothly for our clients and their customers to save time and have an excellent home-building experience.

Can you share a moment on your time at Constructive that you’re proud of?

Suggesting and driving ongoing enhancements to the integration process.

I have offered and created solutions enabling data visibility for our Client Success Manager team, reducing queries and saving everyone time. I love to identify patterns, problem-solve and make things more efficient!

In what ways do you feel a connection with teammates?

I mostly interact with our Client Success Manager team to help them resolve queries that are technical in nature.

Do you find your work hours flexible around your life and family?

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and nurturing my yoga practice. The hybrid work environment has played a significant role in fostering a healthy work-life balance for me.

The hybrid work environment has played a significant role in fostering a healthy work-life balance for me. Thenu Jayaraj Constructive Software Technical Analyst

I’m so fortunate to be a part of a team that cherishes togetherness and has shown remarkable empathy. I am immensely grateful for everyone’s support and trust.

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