How to choose the best 3D Online Selections software for home builders

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As a residential builder, adding 3D Online Selections capabilities to your offering can give you an edge over competitors. But with various software solutions on the market, how do you evaluate which is the best fit? Here’s a checklist of key factors to consider.

One of the biggest challenges for residential home builders can be helping clients fully understand and visualise their selections for exterior facades, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and more in their new home. Selections meeting appointments often leave clients guessing and can lead to indecision, confusion and costly variations down the road.

In today’s visual world, home buyers expect an engaging, transparent selections process. 3D Online Selections can give you a competitive edge by delivering a best-in-class experience that boosts customer experience and confidence. By allowing clients to truly understand their choices upfront, you can streamline your selections timeframes and reduce frustrating revisions.

By evaluating 3D Online Selections software against some key criteria, you can find the right tool to revolutionise your selections process and have clients confident and excited about every decision.

Comprehensive items and materials library

To make selections effortless, the 3D Selections software you choose should provide an extensive, up-to-date library of real-world, selectable items, finishes, materials, textures, fixtures and colours, constantly maintained in collaboration with the latest information from manufacturers and suppliers you work with.

This saves you time from having to source and maintain digital images, product names and product codes, as well as keeping on top of any discontinuations and new product ranges.