5 reasons builders should get on board with 3D Selections

five reasons builders should get on board with online 3d selections

Constructive’s world-first, 3D residential build technology can make many aspects of the selections process more accessible. It’s a vital tool for clients to see their individual home with an unprecedented level of layout, colour and texture detail, previewing and creating their own signature design in immersive 3D.

Here’s how residential builders can benefit from adopting 3D Online Selections.

1. A tailored, next-level experience

Customers interact with their selections on their individual home design in 3D, inside and outside — and from any angle. Colour and material combinations can be changed with a simple click or tap on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone), instantly displaying a visual of their choices and seamlessly recording these into Online Selections in real-time.

Design changes? Customers can instantly change facades and interiors with a simple click. With no rendering wait time, swapping floor tiles, cabinetry and benchtops is a matter of seconds.

Best of all, Online Selections automatically creates beautifully organised documentation, complete with images.

“Not only can Constructive provide a textured, interactive render for your clients to play with from their own home before they even meet with your selections staff, but it’s a fraction of the time and cost of a custom render,” says Constructive Business Development Manager, Steph Schumer.

“Clients are now able to see and appreciate how a timber-look overhead cupboard might complement their main flooring selection and contrast nicely against their main under-bench cabinetry. It eliminates second-guessing and allows them to make choices confidently which would be difficult without visualising them in 3D.”

2. A world-first: custom, interactive 3D

While other 3D home visualisers show kitchen or bathrooms in a generic design, Constructive 3D Selections is the only software to allow clients to see and interact with their actual home design — and with your preferred suppliers and colours.

How it works:

  1. Upload your existing individual home drawings.
  2. Constructive automatically applies your specific colours and options.
  3. Online Selections seamlessly records and documents selections in real-time.
  4. Your clients enjoy the most tailored and interactive selections experience — ever!
Interactive, 3D Selections - Internal
Interactive, 3D Selections – Internal

“Constructive 3D Selections is different from all other existing visualisers,” notes Steph. “It reads your clients’ unique home designs, instead of providing them with a generic layout which might not resemble their plans at all.”

Interactive, 3D Selections - External
Interactive, 3D Selections – External

Constructive CTO and Lead Developer, Dmitrii Sviridov, adds, “It’s exciting to be pioneers in this area – our team has developed new technology by taking working drawings and automatically mapping them to our interactive colour selections tool. The software can be accessed anywhere, on any device, and integrates with Constructive’s existing Online and External 3D Selections.”

3. Speed up the Selections process

Offering speed and flexibility in a user-friendly interface, 3D Selections provides home-builders with a previously impossible opportunity to validate whether or not they like colour and material combinations before they commit.

“Historically, clients would go into the Selections meeting with a wish-list of items and upgrades and would wait weeks for pricing so they could finalise their choices. 3D Selections gives the client everything they need to know prior to their meeting, and they can see how their colours are coming together,” explains Lizzie Mooney, Client Success Manager.

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4. Reduce variation requests — set expectations early on

Visualising selections in a new home is one of the hardest things clients have to contend with. While experienced building professionals can visualise choices clearly, this is definitely not the case for clients.

“Often, it lands on the designer to convince or reassure a client their home will look the way they are imagining it. Offering a 3D visualisation tool to use — both before and during the appointment — not only speeds up the process, but also provides the client with the confidence to make their decisions, and then stick with them!” comments Lisa Petts, Client Success Manager.

“With the ability to clearly show and communicate the different areas of cabinetry, the many combinations available to the client and ultimately how it’s all going to look, 3D Selections removes the guesswork and confusion for clients, resulting in faster appointment times and fewer post-appointment amendments.”

Client Success Manager, Emma Lord, agrees, “It’s a great way to reduce variation requests from clients as they’ll be more confident in their selections from the very beginning, and avoid mistakes before they arise.”

3d selections quote lisa petts

5. Affordable, custom 3D

A fraction of the cost of a custom render, 3D Selections models are created from existing working drawings, saving both time and money.

Constructive 3D software incorporates sophisticated lighting, camera and rendering techniques to create realistic three-dimensional representations of bespoke home designs, ready for your clients to apply their selections.

“Our 3D Selections technology leverages on the existing working drawings you already produce on every job,” says James Salt, Constructive CEO. “This revolutionary approach will have your clients trying out colour combinations easily, with no rendering wait-time.”

Get started with Constructive.

Offering 3D Selections is important if you want to give clients an immersive, interactive experience to visualise their own home and make confident decisions.

Request a 3D Selections Demo today.

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