Reduce incoming inquiries with these registration rate boosting tips

registration boosting tips

You’ve launched your Customer Portal and you’re ready to make communicating build progress more efficient! Here’s some industry benchmarks and best practice tips to move your registration rate percentage up and start delivering an excellent digital customer experience.

Here are our best tips to get clients on-board with their Portal.

97% benchmark registration rate

Aim for 97%

A minimum of 97% client registration rate delivers time-saving benefits internally:

  • reduced incoming inquiry
  • confident, educated customers who understand their journey
  • a visual representation of where they are in the process
  • one location for all important documents
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Communicate with clients from the very beginning of their engagement to prepare them for the comprehensive tool they’re going to have at their fingertips. We suggest an internal launch with your team, too, to get them excited and pass that enthusiasm onto your client base!

Internal Training

Provide your sales team with training and even a demo account so they can sell the value of your Portal to your potential clients and demonstrate how they will be kept informed during their build.

Registration emails 

Send through an explanatory registration email to your clients at the time of commitment of their home build making it effortless for them to simply click and sign up.

Send a reminder

Everyone gets busy and forgets to action an email sometimes. Send through a weekly gentle reminder email for clients who do not register straight away.

Content updates

It’s important your content updates commence soon after the registration email is sent in order to gain clients’ trust and confidence. Let’s notify them of events and updates occurring and show them this is going to be a place of consistent communication.


When the build hasn’t started, it’s tricky to know what to upload in terms of photos, but site survey photos, or pictures of the sketch can be uploaded early in the process to get clients engaged and excited about what’s to come!

Constructive Intelligence Dashboard

Measure your registration rate with Intelligence

Constructive Intelligence provides the data you need to see how you’re tracking with registrations:

  • percentage of clients registered
  • amount of clients not yet registered
  • average days for client registration
  • which clients haven’t logged in for over 30 days, and more.

Deliver your best customer experience with Constructive.

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