5 ideas for a customer experience led first impression

Before a customer has chosen a builder, they’re evaluating your presence online and the professionalism of your showroom and display homes. While they review your home designs and product choices, a crucial part of the decision-making process is looking at the experience offered throughout the building journey.

A professional and positive first impression is essential in creating trust with potential clients and can establish your expertise and competency immediately.

Below, we share our practical advice on how to best demonstrate your customer experience qualities to potential clients, communicating reliability and trust for a long-lasting, positive first impression.

1. A clearly visible link to your Customer Portal

“Including a link to your Customer Portal directly from the homepage of your website validates to potential clients you offer a Portal as part of their experience,” says Steph Schumer, Constructive BDM. “This is a point of difference to other builders and strongly establishes your high level of commitment to communication throughout the building process.”

2. QR codes for Selections

Steph advises exporting QR codes for all your Selections directly from your Constructive Selection template for a sophisticated showroom experience.

“Applying QR codes to the labels of the Selections in your showroom really brings the digital and face-to-face experience together. Sales reps can demonstrate scanning the codes to see the Selection appear straight into the Online Selection schedule — impressive!”

3. Incorporate a large touchscreen to demonstrate standard house models

“Many potential customers will tour your showroom during the sales process. Having an interactive touchscreen demonstrating standard house models in 3D combined with Online Selections will give them a first-hand experience of how easy they’ll be able to change options and visualise their own home. It would certainly help win any undecided customer over!” recommends Steph.

4. Video

Consider including a promotional video on your website, showcasing a tour of your Customer Portal and Online Selections to reassure potential clients of the transparency you’ll be offering during their home building experience.

5. Ask for commentary on customer experience

Potential customers will be reading reviews on your company while researching their options. When gathering testimonials, ask your past clients to comment on:

  • communication and updates throughout their build
  • transparency of the building process
  • flexibility of the Portal online platform for Selections

Make a great first impression with a Customer Portal and Online Selections.

Even before you greet your customers, they’ll have already developed an opinion about you as a builder. You can make a difference and stand out from the competition with first impressions centred around customer experience.

Get started with Constructive.

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