Why integration is essential for efficiency and productivity

systems integration

Systems integration is the process of connecting data between two or more of your software systems. It helps builders reduce their costs, eliminate double-handling errors and improve productivity by putting data to work in several places at once.

Builders all over the world run well-organised operations via digital systems; however, when a business has multiple systems running concurrently, it can be difficult to make all the systems work alongside each other in an efficient way.

Software systems integration is a way to bring together different modules from two or more software products to work as one for specific benefits.

Creating an efficient digital workflow with Constructive

Double-handling information can be time-consuming and lead to miscommunication from human error. By putting integrations in place, you can centralise your essential systems and set up workflows for efficiency.

  • Speed up, and even eliminate, existing processes to free up your team.
  • Increase accuracy – no costly mistakes from double-handling.
  • Centralise systems without increasing technology spend.
  • Customised communication workflows: push data, photos, documents, pricing and progress through to clients directly from your existing systems via automated triggers.
  • One source of truth in communication, seamlessly transferred to clients.
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Streamlined accuracy

Collecting correlated data via integration means fluid communication between different systems. Inputted data can be processed once and then pushed out to multiple places simultaneously. This data flow creates a connection between different software systems, allowing you to start automating both processes and communications in a streamlined way.

There’s greater accuracy overall because team members are only inputting data once, avoiding duplication errors and miscommunication.

Automated communications

Missed or incorrect communications can occur from various departments modifying or interacting with data – if one team makes updates, other teams may need to catch up by manually processing and communicating these updates directly to clients.

Integration can improve these processes by automating where and when data flows through to a client, saving a significant amount of time.

Team members can get on with other tasks, confident their clients are automatically receiving customised updates, photos, documents and appropriate communications in real-time.

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With team members free from ensuring clients are kept up-to-date on their build, there’s a reduction of incoming inquiries, staffing costs are lowered and more tasks can be completed with less resources — all reducing unnecessary costs.

By utilising standard integrations, you can avoid building new expensive and complicated software systems — plus the time and effort to train staff on a new system — to achieve the same results.

Do more with Constructive

Take your business processes further with Constructive integrations:

  • Job details (Job number, client name and email, lot address, house type, and specification)
  • Job Contacts
  • Progress Information
  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Messages, and their responses
  • Pricing

…and more.

Leveraging the investment you’ve already made in software

You can synchronise many of your existing systems with Constructive’s reliable integrations, expanding the value of the inputted data.

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Constructive has several proven integration solutions for building industry software products you may already use, including Onsite Companion, ClickHome, BusinessCraft, Framework, Truth Engine, Keystone Client Manager, DataBuild, Constructor, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics. Custom integrations may be available on request.

Constructive integrations eliminate the need for double-handling of data, improving processes and enabling builders to achieve both cost efficiencies and streamlined operations.

Try Constructive, free for 30 days.

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